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To newcomers: Ogisu (ACOO)

I've seen FUJIMAKI GROUP growing through friendly rivalry in manufacturing industry in real time.

I'm an ACOO (Area Chief Operating Officer) and I'm in the position to control bases located north of Shizuoka. I joined more than 20 years ago. I was working for a car dealer because that's what I wanted to do first. But, somehow I felt like I couldn't dream there, so I started working at our base in Gifu. I told them I wanted to do sales, but they asked me to work at production for about three months and I did so for about 10 years. In fact, I told them a lie that I was a salesman at the car dealer, but I think they discovered it. Anyway, people were more lenient in those days. I have seen and experienced the period when our chairman converted our main business to FPP (from steel merchandise) and we have deployed to the current scale. It was a period when people were making desperate efforts. But, now I'm a person who talks about the history from the second establish period to the present.

Now, I think they told me what it means to motivate people.

I think it was my second year when I was suddenly appointed factory manager. I was happy but I was perplexed not knowing what to do, to be honest. Because FFP needs to be speedy, we used to do unreasonable things. For example, we once operated cutting devices at twice the speed of what the manufacturer prescribed. I have been the top person at the production division, and I'm thankful to my company because they didn't blame me even though I overspend in order to pursue speed. The top person should think about the distant future and let people try things as much as they can. Now, I can say that what I learned in that period makes up who I am now. It's like my treasure and I got it because the company left everything to me.

It's important to set up an environment where people can learn even from chatting.
Dream a dream even if it's small and know our door.

What I keenly realize as a person who leads others is the importance of taking a close look at staff's aptitude and locate them in the proper positions. If there's a gap here, not only the staff him/herself, but also other staff gets stressed. Therefore, I think it's always important to provide an environment and position that motivate them. Of course such environment further motivates people who are already motivated, but I feel so great when the environment motivates those who were not motivated. I joined more than 20 years ago as I mentioned, but now I feel happy to see junior people growing up. If I may use an extreme expression, you can work for us to save money and use us a s a step to your next stage. Any dream will do. Bear it in your mind and knock our door. Of course, what you do as well as what you have done is important. But, who you work with is also very important. It's my job to create an environment where I can share what I have learned with people with their dreams.