Privacy Policy (Personal Information Protection Policy)

F&C Holdings and all companies in FUJIMAKI GROUP (hereafter "our group") hereby announce its Personal Information Protection Policy. Our staff and all interested parties acknowledge the importance of protecting personal information and we intend to do our best to protect our customers' personal information.

Management of Personal Information

Our group ensures that personal information is kept accurate and up to date. In order to prevent the illegal access to personal information as well as loss, destruction, falsification, and/or leakage of personal information, we make every effort to protect personal information by taking appropriate safety measures including maintaining security system, organizing information management, and educating employees.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Our group uses personal information obtained from our customers only to provide information concerning the business and to respond to various inquiries by our customers.

Prohibition of Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

Our group handles personal information properly and does not provide it to third parties except as described below:

  1. When we have obtained customer's consent, or when it is necessary to disclose personal information to our cosigned businesses in order to execute the service requested by the customer pursuant to applicable laws and regulations,
  2. When it is requested by court and/or police pursuant to applicable laws and regulations,
  3. When it is regulated by laws and regulations,
  4. When we cannot obtain customer's consent even though there is a risk of the loss of customer's and/or third parties' lives, bodies, properties, and honor, and;
  5. When we cannot obtain customer's consent even though there is a need to protect our rights, property, and/or services against unlawful actions or actions violating our user policy and notice.

Security Measures / Safeguards

Our group takes thorough security measures in order to keep personal information accurate and safe.

Identification Check

In the case customer wishes to review, correct, and/or delete his/her personal information, we will perform an identification check.

Observance of Laws and Regulations and Continuous Improvement

Our group observes the laws and regulations, and other norms regarding the protection of personal information. We will also continue reviewing our policy to keep improving it.

Disclosure and Modification

Our group will disclose the date of issue and/or modification in the Christian era.


Customers may direct all inquiries regarding our privacy policy to the following office.

F&C Holdings Co., Ltd.

19F, Marunouchi KS Building, 2-18-25, Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 460-0002
Tel.052-220-5885 (main) Fax.052-221-5658  10:00 - 17:00 (weekdays)