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Dream a dream even if it's small. People with their dreams grow and they become vital member for us.
- ACCO Ogisu

What I mean by "dream" isn't the one that synchronizes with FUJIMAKI GROUP's dream. Everyone has dreams. Of course, it's wonderful to dream of taking leadership in the company, but you can also hope to start a new business, or study to work in a new profession. It's fine even though your dream doesn't synchronize with our dream. You can overcome things only when you have a dream and you can absorb things from anything even if they are not related to your dream. Connection of people is like passengers in a same train. Even though their origins and purposes are different, they have a common goal and they talk to each other in the meantime. Human relationship is like traveling and the same goes for a company.

It would be best if everyone can stay in the same train. It's because you have a dream, you can work with us even if culture and thoughts are different. The FUJIMAKI GROUP consists of such members. Our company is a comfortable place for the dreaming staff and customers feel it. Get on board if what I'm saying resonates in your heart.