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To newcomers: Kako (Sales)

Attracted by the cooperate culture where I felt I could test my potential

At first, I wanted to become an English teacher and I was planning to do so after I work at some company. But, I learned that teaching license cannot be issued if I don't become a teacher right after I graduated from my college. Although I was also interested in the art of design and manufacturing, I had still been dreaming to become a teacher from high school where I concentrated on humanities. So, this last development was totally unexpected. So, I started looking for a job that is related to manufacturing and then I found my job at FUJIMAKI GROUP. I was interested in production at first, but the interviewer recommended sales job and here I am. The deciding factor was that I felt I can do something interesting in this company.

At first, I didn't know what to do and couldn't produce results. But, people helped me because I didn't give up.

It's been almost 1 year since I started working here. I'm still a fresh member of society, so there's no way I can get a contract. I'm a born bad-loser, so I really had a bad time when I couldn't produce results and I sometimes cried at home. But, this company has a great teamwork that helps someone who is trying hard, regardless of positional difference. For example, one day I was asked by a customer to deliver first thing in the next morning. It required an overnight work, but my senior stood by me. Another example. When I got my first contract, everyone was delighted as if they did what I did. As long as I'm motivated, I never feel lonely. This is a work place when I can truly feel I'm working together with everyone.

To a new destination, Indonesia.

I've finally got accustomed to my work and my customers, but I'll be transferred to Indonesia as a sales staff. I had my goals in my current job and it's frustrating that I haven't accomplished them. However, I said, "Yes, I'll go" instantly after I was asked if I wanted to go there. I think I'll be there for at least about 5 years. Again, I won't know what to do and I'm sure I'll need to overcome many difficulties. But, anyway, I decided to be tossed by life because this is something that not many people can experience. My message to newcomers is, although I'm repeating, that this is a company for someone with a passion. If you're eager to work, someone will help you. And, you'll enjoy the environment that you can test your potential. In other words, everything depends on you. I look forward to meeting you some day.