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To newcomers: Haji (Clerical)

Deskwork here was completely different from what I expected.

I joined FUJIMAKI GROUP as a clerical staff, but honestly, my job was completely different from what I had seen on TV dramas. Those who are looking at this website may think of taking photocopies and serving teas. The reality is you answer unlimited number of phone calls from customers placing orders, examine them closely, and communicate with material supplying and production divisions and mediate between production division and the sales team. What you do is a wide range of things that are linked to all work process. In other words, you're the center of communication. Of course, if you look at things in fragments, I'm doing typical clerical work such as issuing vouchers, but my responsibility is huge. FUJIMAKI GROUP performs primary processing, but I often don't know how our plates will be used after we delivered. So, I still receive orders that I haven't taken before. In such a case, I need to arrange a new way to supply materials. If I don't fully understand an order, it will lead to a serious mistake caused by wrong material supply and finishing. This will of course disappoint our customers and bring a loss to the company. At first, I was desperate and puzzled by the gap between what I expected and the reality.

Excitement stems from responsibility.

Honestly, I dreamed of working for a stylish miscellaneous goods or interior decorative goods. At a college I majored in modern sociology and studied urban environmental design. It was interdisciplinary area that covers architectures and interior design. In school, I closely examined the history of buildings by looking at the interior design. I wanted to find a job that is related to my field, but it seemed difficult. And, because I do Naginata, I had to work in the regular schedule to participate in practice sessions and tournaments. So, I decided to work for FUJIMAKI GROUP. However, as I mentioned, my job was entirely different from what I imagined and I didn't know anything about steel materials. Anyway, there were too many things to learn and my responsibility was big. Each day passed with a tremendous speed. I had no clue to what customers were taking about on the phone. Still, there were customers who remembered and be kind to me, and I was so glad. Not only other staff, but also my customers have taught me so many things. By the way, I just chatted with my colleague who entered in the same year and we said, "It's already been 3 years." We have forgotten days and months, but I guess this also means how happy we feel about our job and how we value what we do.