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To newcomers: Morishita (Mikawa area manager)

Everything started when I was invited as an opening staff for the new Osaka factory.

I met the Chairperson for the first time when I was a sales person for a real estate company. When I introduced a property for Osaka factory, he invited me as an opening staff. And, I even decided to switch to FUJIMAKI GROUP. What a destiny! The conclusive factor was Chairman's personality. From 2012, I'm in charge of sales in the entire Mikawa area as a Director of Operation Department, and I'm in the position to look both accounting and sales. I came here in 2000, so it's already been 13 years at the time. But, in just 13 years, they offered me this position. It's early to conclude here, but you already know the company gives you a variety of choices. At first, I did just everything from production to sales. Of course, this was a whole new industry to me, so I used to learn about plates until late at night. But, I felt there were many chances in the industry and it was exciting that we have many repeat customers. After working as a sales person, I became a leader when we work in a team. Then, I became a section chief with the removal of Osaka factory. And then, I became a department head, which is my current position.

I want to discharge the next arrow for the next generation.

In my 13 years of service, I've seen a rapid and significant growth and also been through the hardship including lockout because of the Lehman shock. Our management has been flexible form the beginning, so we could recover to a great extent. Still, I think we should always be prepared for such an emergency so that we won't be affected by external factors. Also, we should expand our business to overseas, let alone unexplored areas in Japan. What we have started in Japan will be needed overseas as well. At the same time, following the FFP, we need to create new services. To do that, we need power of young generation and we must provide them with such an environment. And, I think it's one of my job.

Great company culture for those who want to make progress.
Best environment where newcomers can communicate smoothly

I think other staff has already said what I'm going to say, but I'm proud of our great teamwork. We're great friends. We don't force a vertical relationship and everyone can consult together casually. In order to maintain the merit of this corporate culture and minimize miscommunication, I'm dedicated to "let the air ventilate." As I mentioned, we need a power of young generation. We need someone who is ambitious enough to plan for taking initiatives in operating business. It's our tradition that we provide earnest staff many choices.