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To newcomers: Ka (Komaki Factory)

Nothing is more exciting than management using skills I brushed up

I'm from Dalian, China. I came to Japan as a Japanese school student. There're many Japanese companies in my hometown, so I wanted to work for Japanese companies that expand their business to China. But, I felt comfortable living in Japan and I got married with a Japanese woman, so I make a living here. Before my current job, I used to work at a factory of food processing.

The reason that I started working for FUJIMAKI GROUP is because Mr. Shinohara, the Head of Overseas Business Department, asked me if I was interested in this job. I knew him since I was a student. Now, I mainly work for production at Komaki factory and I'm also responsible for delivery time management. We need a variety of know-hows, skills, and technologies in order to produce high quality plates in a short time. Everyday I devote myself into brushing up the know-hows, but in fact, it also influences the quality of managing delivery time. It's experience that counts when I want to know what type of equipment I should use to produce faster. Besides, I'm not processing a single order. I process multiple orders at the same time while effectively managing the entire work progress. This is not something you can do just by learning management. Therefore, production technology and management are two wheels of a cart. The faster the two wheels turn, the more powerfully it drives. This is so exciting.

There's an environment to test myself

I think I was assigned current job because I had an experience in production management. Without it, this isn't something people can di after 2 years of service. So, I value this work environment provided by the company. I'd like to know how far I can go by brushing up my skills at the production site and applying them to management. There's another Chinese worker and he is already a factory manager. It's a nice stimulation to me because nothing is sadder than having no rivals. This company has a culture where people can learn from each other and keep improving. Let me say something to new comers. If you're in trouble, don't take everything upon yourself and keep communicating with us. Then, someone will help you. Our culture is about teamwork. So, this company is the best place to test yourself, I think.