BRANDPROMISEWhat we mean by our log imitating a flag

Our logo imitating a flag is attached on each shrink package when we deliver.

This seal illustrates another stack of trust between us in addition to the long-standing trust. We also attach this logo to make sure we continue to be the leading company as a provider of service to contribute to your business.

We pour our heart and soul into each plate. Our history is all about producing plates as you wish by maintaining close communication. Our productivity and stocking ensured by the increased amount of merchandises further enhances quality and cost reduction for your business. And, we will keep working hard to meet higher demands.


Our self-improvement curriculum ensures transmission of skills and techniques necessary for production specialists, sales people, and line workers. In addition, we maintain the cooperate culture that everyone takes initiatives and we believe this will also lead to customer satisfaction. We hope to be a company that is chosen not only by the products and services, but also by the staff with this flag.