BRANDPROMISEOverview of service

Our "FFP" (FUJIMAKI FREESIZE PLATES)  is a 24-hour custom-made steel plate production service that enables rationalization and labor-saving for your successful business. We perform surface grinding, finishing, and secondary processing at a precision you desire.

Custom-made steel plate production services enhances your creativity

Regardless of the kinds and brands of materials, we provide you with plates exactly as indicated in the design drawing. In accordance with your request, we perform processing with an extremely high level of skills and technology, and deliver products with no delay. The biggest advantage of this flexible service is that you don't need to perform surface grinding and finishing. As a result, you don't have to invest on equipment and specialists. Furthermore, the 24-hour production system enables supplying at the time you need. Hence, you don't need to hold stock, either. In this way the FFP service enables drastic rationalization and labor-saving as well as focusing on creativity. Count on us for your product with better quality.

We promise consistent quality of your products and efficiency improvement of your production sites.

We process at the precision you request. Face milling processing realizes accurate perpendicularity. In addition, we perform secondary processing at your request. In order to meet your needs by maintaining quality of your products and improving efficiency in your production spots, we keep investing on advanced facilities without stint and our staff never stops improving their skills. Above all, we're the leading company in this industry and we're proud that we support numerous sites for the art of design and manufacturing. We hope you will use FUJIMAKI group and FFP as your next trump.

Custom-made plates at a very low cost

Thanks to our national and international network, we handle overwhelming amount of products and we can drastically reduce cost while meeting your requirement minutely. Take advantage of the great cost performance

24 hours a day / 365 days a year production serves your business with a speed and flexibility

We won't keep you waiting. We have all necessary surface grinding devices and our integrated plate production system is operated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This enables fast and flexible delivery. For example, when an order is made on Friday, we can deliver on next Monday. Take advantage of this irresistible speed that guarantees shortening developing period, producing many kinds in small quantities, improving productivity, and reducing cost.

One hundred percent inspection applying strict system
Our staff keeps improving skills. "FFP" delivers "relief."

All of our plates receive milling process and thorough inspection. We deliver only the plates that cleared our strict standard consisting of material quality, parallelism, perpendicularity, and surface roughness. Rest assured and leave all your manufacturing processes to us as we strive to provide plates at a high precision and a low cost so that you can confidently use for the next process. To support this system, we're always prepared for the next order while brushing up our skills and ensuring transmission of skills and techniques.

Nationwide network serves you locally.

Our national network spans from Kurume, Kyusyu to Sendai, Tohoku and we have a number of factories around Tokai area. So, we can serve you in the area of your convenience.