Our firm "Customer Centrism"

It was just because our top priority was customer satisfaction that we went beyond merchandizing plate products and started unprecedented service to deliver the custom-made plates in the right place at the right time. The  FFP  service isn't just about delivering products. It was born as a result of pursuing the best we can do in the process of manufacturing steel products from steel materials. That whole new service required a complete renovation of our company system and it was extremely difficult. However, it realized simplification of production process and cost reduction. Consequently, it also innovated the whole industry.

Our "courage" and "developability" to achieve a goal

In order to produce top quality plates at a low cost as our customers wish, we had to construct production and logistic system promptly, to say nothing of constant and sustained technological innovation. It we aren't speedy, our product becomes worthless. Besides, it is essential that our staff in charge stay close to our customers. In order to always construct such system, a company needs to have recognized achievements. We realized by making each customers satisfied. The current value of  FFP  is supported by owe national network and supplying system that has been built by thinking business as a plane rather than points and dealing with everything promptly. And, this is the value built by our customers and cooperating companies as well.

"Our People" are our corporate identity.

We consider our corporate identity to be our people, to say nothing of our property. It's people who start or ruin great technology, service, and business. While so many things are being standardized in these days, our staff takes active roles stimulating each other to the extent we don't even need to create rules, and hence, they can also lead newcomers. Our greatest strength is such good circulation.